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We offer a few different options when it comes to insulation.
For attics in existing homes, we offer the service of blowing in additional insulation over top of your existing insulation or converting your attic to a conditioned space.

Example 1: (less expensive) Very popular!
If your insulation is below the 2X4 truss we would add R-30 Over to give you a total of R-30+

If you have a vaulted ceiling then you most likely have R-19 batts. We would then blow R-19 over giving you about R-38.

A site evaluation would have to be performed to determine if this is feasible .
Example 2: (more expensive)
Close off all ridge type vents, close off all vented soffit, and build knee walls to block off un-insulated attic space then spray foam insulate under the roof decking with either closed or open cell foam.
Welcome to our Insulation Division.